Poetry for the night…

Baby I’m home.


After all this time, after all these months of working for other people

Helping people to be themselves

Finally I found a way to gain from it

From all the work I’ve done from everything I have suffered from


A clear view

My past was intense

I have lived many lives already

In the same world

In the same body

How shall I ever explain this to someone else

Is this true spirituality?

I’m the one

The least religious, the least faithful

That finds such profound deepness within understanding life.

Am I seeing the broader world

The world that is bigger than I can see?

The world of infinity

Of endless life

I was dead

Yet I’m still alive

I was old, I was sick

No one could help me

I was in a dark place

I went into the light

But I came back out

And I was stronger

And better than ever before

I learned, I understood

First my heart

And now after years my head

It’s that simple.

Yet how will I ever be able to be with someone who doesn’t understand me?

This one person needs to understand this

Understand me


what I am

what I have been


what I will be

But how understand it when it took me twenty one years to get it

It’s impossible to find faith and love in a human being to spend eternity with

I will be alone. Forever.



 Copyright Text Picture Jasmin Türemis


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