What I’m working on lately…

Writing is art, a craft I’m eager to commit to.

What I’m working on lately is hard to tell, I have been all over the place really. I try to focus on one project but all the other things keep popping up and I just can’t stop myself drifting away and ending up doing five things at the time.

Most importantly I think is my etsy shop where I am about to sell my German short stories that have been lingering in the back of my hard drive for a little too long. The new shop is a place to find handcrafted written love, you can get it ready for your e-reader and I’m planning on a printed form too as soon as there is an opportunity for it, means as soon as I get the chance to sit down print them out and craft little books myself because I think that’s a lovely thing to make, have, and give. The shop isn’t quite ready yet, not simply because I didn’t open it but because I have to admit, I don’t quite get the design of the page to fit my expectations. Fortunately I will get some amazing help from the lovely blogger at ifeelcrafty – who also happens to be my gorgeous crafty sister – to set up my shop and soon remodel my blog as well. So hopefully you will be able to read my old memorials by beginning of march, I will post about it as soon as the shop is launched!

Secondly there are my kindle e-books which I’m working on. There is the first collection of short stories – which I do like because I always feel a little nostalgic when I read them – that will be published by next week and there is one already out and ready to get but in order of my remodeling plans I might take it out of the shop for re-organizational reasons.

And then there is – besides my blogging, obviously – my new stuff. I have been working on a novel for the past year which I want to finish off during the upcoming year as well as several new short stories, all in English.

 Note: I will be posting about writing in different languages in next weeks ‘What I’m working on lately’ so feel free to return if you are interested in this, as it will show soon that I’m working in several languages in my writing

 My novel deserves a blog post on itself entirely, my short stories will be released in full length or cut, partly here and mostly in my shop and as e-books.

 Note: Please don’t get your hopes up too high, if I’m talking about finishing off my novel this year. It does imply getting it ready to publish, yet, there are so many reason why I possibly won’t do so. Firstly and equally the most important, is that I am too sensitive. I can’t bear to open up and share my love, my oh so precious story, with the harshness of the public so shortly after terminating it. I know it might sound silly to you but there is just so much more to it than ‘just publishing’. I also know I might sound ridiculous and over-doing this but hey this is my work, my words, my thoughts, and first and foremost my world, and I can choose how long I want to keep it a secret for.

I don’t plan on keeping it to myself for as long as possible though, so I may happen to publish it somewhat earlier than I am implying now. So stay tuned…

Anyway there is plenty coming up that deserves some attention and above all some great readers who are keen on discovering my world of writing with me!

More about my work next Wednesday, until then


Yours, Jasmin


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