my love…

sunshine. strawberries. laughing. smoothies. hugs. ocean breeze. holding hands.
smiles. cake. hearts. tea time. going for a walk. mountains. snow. barefoot.
happiness. hike. music. friends. pastels. crafts. swing. fresh grass. kisses.
ice cream. red leaves. raspberry fingers. crochet. sisters. roadtrips. cuddles.
beach. wood. long hair. memories. kayak. london bridge. trees. babies. autumn.
travels. brother. dance. blueberries. writing. sunglasses. harvest. festivals.
harbour. sunset. books. pies. thaw. letters. mornings. brownies. knitting. countryside.
ideas. igloo. violin. dress. languages. long hair. castles. family. ukulele.photographs.
typewriters. woods. theatre. rings. chocolate. glitter.


Happy Valentines..xo,Jasmin


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