What I’m working on lately…

Working on the aircraft sounds as bad as I came to experience it. As much as I love travelling, I can’t get over travel sickness – yes I also get seasick – and it is more than bothersome to try to write while feeling like you might just have to puke your guts out.
Nevertheless I couldn’t not do so while driving to the airport, through the curvy hills of Northern Ireland, and of course at the airport itself. When I boarded the plane though I found myself being so exhausted from all this being sick and traveling all day that I gladly found some sleep even before the flight actually took off.
When I awoke I was almost at my destination but there where so many ideas filling my head as I love to capture my dreams before they “fly away” so I couldn’t help but wriggle out a pen and notebook and frantically scribble my notes down before the aircraft attendant kindly reminded me that we are about to be landing and I had to get ready.

That’s pretty much how I always work during travels as there is never the “right moment” or “perfect place” to do so.
I do enjoy writing on a couch or in an armchair much more than this but hey I can’t have everything, right?


xo, jasmin


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