What I’m reading lately…all about the bees

It’s been a few times that I stumbled over anthroposophical literature regarding beekeeping and always found myself rather interested as it wasn’t only rules or instructions more than trying to find an understanding of the bees as a living organism. I have read a lot different lectures and clicked myself through the net but when I found “nine lectures on bees” by Rudolf Steiner online and for free available I jut had to share it. I have read it several times and enjoyed it completely.
As a beekeeper introduces the main aspects of how a bee hive works, Rudolf Steiner offers the reader a suggested understanding on why the hive works this way and how to encounter it as a living being. Through the cooperation of an well-established beekeeper and Rudolf Steiner himself there is an exact picture on the dynamics of the bees seen both through the eyes of an anthroposophist and a specialist.

There are a few different readings on bees and beekeeping available all free of charge and for everyone to get and understand on the link to be found above.

xo, Jasmin



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