What I’m working on lately …

Lately I couldn’t focus on writing that much, as there is so much going on in my life right now that it’s hard to write something valuable, something more than a journal or an agenda.
Lately I find myself writing so many to-do-lists, things I want to finish, things to think about or where I actually have to do something. Random schedules of work, writing and physical activity as I have to take care of my back especially since I’m travelling so much.
Lately there is obviously a lot do to, especially a lot that isn’t writing.
Still I am determined to get my novel together and bring it into an acceptable form to be able to show and collect first impressions on it, first critics and comments that will pain my little bleeding heart.

This is what’s happening! Next week on Wednesday I will talk more about criticism and how it is for me to work with it.

Until then, xo Jasmin



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