Poetry for the night… A question

Traveling the world – what does it mean?
Escape – escape from all those old traditional ways, all the concepts someone else made up for you, everything known and common, habits and ways to deal with things and people, decisions you regret, people who have done you wrong, people you did wrong to, routine, daily life.
Adventure – experiencing new ways of dealing with things, seeing new places, getting to know new cultures, meeting new people and habits
Experience – understanding, learning, knowing there is else, understanding how others have been brought up, how things work and knowing there are always more ways
Change – become a better person, understanding yourself, seeing yourself and what could be better, get rid of bad habits and routines.

– what does it mean?


2 thoughts on “Poetry for the night… A question

  1. As I read your post I think you have captured many of the reasons I am so passionate about travel. I love the adventure, the challenge, the personal growth, the meeting of locals. Love it all.

  2. Traveling the world means growth and realisation – finding a new way of looking at old things with a whole new appreciation for them, seeing things for what they really are and understanding the beauty in that. Exploration, adventure… it’s all about development and understanding. For me anyway!

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