Poetry for the night… Expectations

There is loneliness where one seeks freedom
There is fear where one seeks peace
There is fight where one seeks happiness

There is no such thing as only one side of a coin.
It will always have a backside

Appreciate the dark days as you do the bright ones
For only through those
Will you learn what life really is about.



Poetry for the night… Colder times

The rushing of the trees
The leaves beneath my feet
Rustling like old chains
Sun rays touching my cheeks
Still warm but
Winds throwing around my hair
Rumbling around me, rocks and through bushes
Forebodings of the colder times
Soon to come
I stay here
Enjoying the ringing of warmth
Filling my heart with sweet memories
Of times, long past
Far across oceans and seas
Loves left behind
Only a hint of emotion
Stored deep within me
Ready to be awoken once more
– it’s not over –
The winds are whispering quietly.