What I’m seeing lately…quality time

Spending quality time with my little sister who is growing up way too fast!

Can’t believe she’s turning 18 (!!!) in a few weeks already.

It feels like just yesterday when I turned 18… Oh boy!

I took her to the fair because who doesn’t love cotton candy ?! ( age really doesn’t matter when it comes to sweets)… We went there just in time to see the fireworks xxx





Poetry for the night… Preferences

This sensual touch of a tall man’s

workers’ hand

The veins that pop out on the lower

arm when being exhausted

Muscles of a strong back flexing

The nick of the lower back showing

A broad chest to carry out all the

hard work

Strong muscles to lean on

Be safe and secure

Without worrying of

Own health

Eyes so blue and deep

Endless oceans

To get lost in