Poetry for the night… All white

Falling down gently
Soft and soothing
All the bloody spots
Scars all hidden
by the beauty of the white

No pain shown
All taken out of sight
For only shall it be discovered
After long time has passed by

Only then shall there be the energy to cope with this
To process and accept
To grow on it

For now there will be the white
Innocent and glimmering
Coat to hide this all away
Until I’m ready to reveal the truth
To revoke the pain
The grief and loss



Poetry for the night…precious moments

for the leaves beneath my feet

for the clouds above my head

for the winds that fill my lungs

for the joy that warms my heart

for the hand that holds me tight

for the love thats always there

be grateful for everything there is,

because there is only so much time

to appreciate it

before things fade away,

loves get lost

winds grow tired

clouds move on

and hands get old.

Be grateful for everything there is..