So many thoughts’s all about the balance

Well aren’t we all just trying to make it look easy and fun..? Everyone has a fa├žade, and it’s never easy to get over that, sometimes it’s even necessary to stick to it. But I guess it’s all about the balance…finding a way to still be your true self and yet not always carrying your heart on your sleeve.
But then, why am I telling you this.. It’s not like you would not know.


2015 every year a new challenge…

As ‘a writer’s diary’ is celebrating its first anniversary, I found it’s time to introduce a new category…

So many thoughts…

And following there will of course be the first one to come.

Please feel free to let me know what you think about it. I’m also always happy about feedback on the poetry and the blog itself!

Happy 2015! May you find all the courage to encounter all these miraculous new challenges and adventures ahead of us.