What I’m seeing lately… Carneval, Fasching, Fasnet, you name it.

Lately I’ve been seeing lots of crazy outfits out on the streets. Depending on the city you live in I guess that would not really be something special or worth mentioning. The place where I live is not one of these cities though. It is a very uptight straightforward city, where costumes belong to the theatre and crazy people to the circus. Once a year though, they make an exception. And that’s what Fasching is there for. I myself have not yet come to understand the concept of dressing up as someone or something you’re not or never want to be, get wasted, and do silly things. The concept of party fun I am very aware of, yet behind the Fasching, the Carneval, there is a whole culture behind it, at least that’s what I was introduced to past weekend. There were cowboys, monks, hippies, dragons, police officers, devils and angels and cats and bears and all kinds of beings all trying to have a good time, dancing or howling to folk songs which were entirely unfamiliar to me.
There was everything from live music to strong mixed drinks and people seemed to have an honest amount of fun. I loved seeing something so utterly unfamiliar to me and learning something new about this strange place I begin to call home.

I am glad to have made that experience, a memory to add to my collection, shared with people that became friendly souls to me over the past few months.


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