So many thoughts… on loneliness.

Isn’t it poetic?
All these single souls,
Door to door
Yet all alone and by themselves.
Fighting off the nightmares
Thoughts that creep up your mind
And get stuck where there causing nothing but harm
Never being able to really rest,
Always haunted
Never at peace.
It’s a struggle all the way
And all it takes to fight it
All it really takes
Is to step from one door
Into another

Why is it so hard for all those lost souls?
Peace is so close,
Rest is so near
Yet it has never been
More difficult
And the solution
Than right now and there.

Instead they are haunted
By nightmares
And horrible ideas
Of all that could be
And all that will never be

They are alone
With all their struggles
All there hopes and dreams
Left unfulfilled and ignored
Shredded by their own mind

Haunted by insomnia
The everlasting feeling of
Never truly being awake
Yet not being able to find a minute of sleep
Rest for mind and soul
Not granted by their dark side
They can’t help it
Can’t help to hurt themselves
Punish themselves for what they are doing to their beings
Instead of just changing the fact and stop the pain.

Laying wide awake in these big empty beds
Each one on their own
Trying to find true meaning of life
Pondering about what the day will bring
And what the last has left behind

They all feel the same



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