What I’m seeing lately… Olafur Eliasson

That I have a thing for installations especially connected to colours and baroque architecture is nothing new, yet after experiencing the last Olafur Eliasson exhibition I just felt compelled to show (and write a little about) this kind of contemporary art as I very much enjoy the extremes especially between baroque and contemporary art.

BAROQUE BAROQUE is an encounter between artworks, aesthetics, and worldviews from two vastly different epochs. The exhibition challenges viewers’ habits of perception and proposes that reality can be understood as unstable and evolving, as a process of constant negotiation.

Through the use of projections, shadows, and reflections, the artworks foreground the relationship between body, perception, and image. They anchor agency in the body and mind in motion as they invite the viewers’ active engagement by mirroring, fragmenting, and inverting their position within space.

  • booklet olafur eliasson exhibition winter palace vienna


Here are some impressions…




 pictures taken from the exhibition catalogue and from the exhibition in vienna itself.


Poetry for the night…honesty

Worries all trying to make me insecure
Thoughts all trying to confuse me
Feelings filling my heart and my soul

Words spoken truly
Hopes arisen highly
Love felt deeply

Sadness rushing over me
Honesty staying within me
Pain overflowing me

Feeling so lost
And lonely
Has never felt
So honest


So many thoughts ..it’s all about the balance

Well aren’t we all just trying to make it look easy and fun..? Everyone has a façade, and it’s never easy to get over that, sometimes it’s even necessary to stick to it. But I guess it’s all about the balance…finding a way to still be your true self and yet not always carrying your heart on your sleeve.
But then, why am I telling you this.. It’s not like you would not know.