That time I fell in love with a city, again.

winds rushing through my hair, an ocean breeze that has followed me throughout my trip, at times making it hard on me to catch my breath and other times making me feel alive.

sunshine burning its way deep into my soul, trying to light all those dark spots that have been hiding in the shadow for too long.

laughter filling my ears, my eyes, my heart – reaching deep down below, awaking feelings that I thought lost forever.

houses hovering above me, leaning in, serving some shade where need be and cuddling in close with their neighbors – tall, slim, beautiful, their old facade is telling stories from far ago moments, each of them revived everytime you glance at their beauty.

Its been a minute, all I needed to madly fall in love with a city at the Amstel river.


What I’m seeing lately … german adventures

A day trip to Baden-Baden?

I would have never thought of that before but hey why else would you socialize with fellow students if not for broadening your horizons. Even though it’s not my city nor my favourite art, I initated a trip to see this world famous contemporary artist. We went to see the new exhibition called                                                                   Birkenau, by Gerhard Richter.


What I’m seeing lately… the present.

Since it is the end of the winter term I finally finished all exams and get to see a few (new) places. During the final weeks I have not had much time discovering new areas let alone travelling around the globe. Yet I have managed to get some new impressions and inspirations from the last couple of exhibitions I have visited here in Stuttgart.

A few snapshots of my frequent evening activities – when I found some spare time in between studying.