What I’m reading lately..

Since I have been sick the last couple of days I have been reading a lot. I placed an order at the book depository shortly before I got the flu from my nephew so when I got my little package I was more than merry to have done so earlier… In my little box there was not only part two and three of the watersong series but also a lovely copy of nocturnes by John Connolly along with the gates from the same author. But as I said, I was sick for a little while. So even though I enjoyed this delivery, it wouldn’t last. During the time I spent in bed and on the couch in front of the lovely crackling of the fire in the stove, I also read the series of the infernal devices written by Cassandra Clare. Which I do love, although the writing isn’t the best, and the story gets a bit over the top with the crazy romance of one girl two guys. I do enjoy the plot and liked the mortal instruments so much that I couldn’t spare reading this prequel.
Now, I am left alone as my books supply here in the wild is emptied, and I am back to reading sense and sensibility even though I didn’t enjoy it the first time – I find it hard to read anything by Jane Austen – I found myself with this book in hands and most interesting is definitely the fact that I can’t put it down. As much as it bothers me that there is no plot to begin with, I still have this expectation of every book I touch that I can’t put it down unless I finished it and have proven it has no deeper content. So therefore I sit in my rocking chair, reading this book and yelling out or sighting over and over as it depresses me so much, without being able to just STOP and be at peace with it.

Does anyone share this sentiment over one author or another with me? I do know a lot of people struggle with Tolstoi’s war and peace but unlike Jane Austen I find books like Anna Karenina way easier to finish off..(the story didn’t really touch me though)
Although I have never even bothered to start with
war and peace in the first place.