What I’m reading lately…biodynamics

Lately I’m busy studying biodynamics as preparation for my apprenticeship starting this summer. There’s a lot to be found about current evolvement on organic growing especially in Eco-magazines like ‘schrot&korn’, ‘lebendigeerde’ or ‘star&furrow’ but also there are many books,more focused on general biodynamics than the magazines which mostly deal with problematics throughout this work. Some are founded on speeches by Rudolf Steiner others by practising farmers. The first part of my training will be soil science, therefore I am reading “principles of biodynamic spray and compost preparations” by Manfred Klett. The book concentrates not only on the practical aspect of how to do the preparations but also about agricultural consciousness and life forces and their effect on the land.
Manfred Klett is former director of the department of agriculture at the Goetheanum in Switzerland and has over twenty years experience of biodynamic agriculture.