A little love story.

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Do you still remember how we met?

Can you remember how you fell in love with me?

I’ts a blur but I know I felt so strongly that I couldn’t help but push our boundaries. It started off without any thoughts in mind. Somehow you had me before anything happened. I can’t tell you what it was that made me text you that one night, but I knew I was starting something there.

You remember our first walks around the community? The route was so lame but we didn’t care at all because it was just nice to be with one another and we just wanted to get to know each other.

I still remember the first time I saw you, you were in and out in a rush and I found you so rude not even staying for a minute to talk.

We spent countless nights up until early in the morning and were so knackered the next day.

When I finally crawled up next to you that one night I felt like we’ve been talking forever, it might not even have been two weeks but I still feel your lips on mine that night. It was you who kissed me, when I laid down next to you. I wanted it and normally I would have kissed you first, but something kept me from doing so. I didn’t want to force myself on you, because even after one year it’s still hard for me to read you. It was then and it still is. I couldn’t tell if you wanted me to lay down with you but I just did – and it worked out.

I can’t believe this is a year ago. We experienced so much together and shared an exciting adventure with each other, who knows what the future has in store for us.

Love truly,

– J



my love…

sunshine. strawberries. laughing. smoothies. hugs. ocean breeze. holding hands.
smiles. cake. hearts. tea time. going for a walk. mountains. snow. barefoot.
happiness. hike. music. friends. pastels. crafts. swing. fresh grass. kisses.
ice cream. red leaves. raspberry fingers. crochet. sisters. roadtrips. cuddles.
beach. wood. long hair. memories. kayak. london bridge. trees. babies. autumn.
travels. brother. dance. blueberries. writing. sunglasses. harvest. festivals.
harbour. sunset. books. pies. thaw. letters. mornings. brownies. knitting. countryside.
ideas. igloo. violin. dress. languages. long hair. castles. family. ukulele.photographs.
typewriters. woods. theatre. rings. chocolate. glitter.


Happy Valentines..xo,Jasmin