A little love story.

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Do you still remember how we met?

Can you remember how you fell in love with me?

I’ts a blur but I know I felt so strongly that I couldn’t help but push our boundaries. It started off without any thoughts in mind. Somehow you had me before anything happened. I can’t tell you what it was that made me text you that one night, but I knew I was starting something there.

You remember our first walks around the community? The route was so lame but we didn’t care at all because it was just nice to be with one another and we just wanted to get to know each other.

I still remember the first time I saw you, you were in and out in a rush and I found you so rude not even staying for a minute to talk.

We spent countless nights up until early in the morning and were so knackered the next day.

When I finally crawled up next to you that one night I felt like we’ve been talking forever, it might not even have been two weeks but I still feel your lips on mine that night. It was you who kissed me, when I laid down next to you. I wanted it and normally I would have kissed you first, but something kept me from doing so. I didn’t want to force myself on you, because even after one year it’s still hard for me to read you. It was then and it still is. I couldn’t tell if you wanted me to lay down with you but I just did – and it worked out.

I can’t believe this is a year ago. We experienced so much together and shared an exciting adventure with each other, who knows what the future has in store for us.

Love truly,

– J



Quote of the week…

During my seminar on Spacial Dynamics with Jaimen McMillan in Montréal I couldn’t help but capture several of his phrasings as he seems a master of words.

you have to free your thoughts in order to free your heart

This quote was used as the main idea of one of his speeches on where thinking happens and how we can direct it.
For more info about Jaimen and his ideas participate at a seminar or find him online.


What I’m working on lately… Writing in different languages

Writing in different languages is nothing that I think about a lot. Not during writing itself that is. Of course, I think about why I do so, why I can’t say things in German the way I would say it in English. Once I said to a friend that a feeling that I have experienced in one language never has touched me in my mother tongue before. Maybe that’s too abstract, maybe I have to give you an example, although I am very hesitant towards such as I think one gets too settled with it and tries to figure out the solution to this one problem instead of seeing the general cause.

For once, as I said before my mother tongue isn’t English. I was raised bilingual. Turkish and German equally. Unfortunately it swapped to being mainly German spoken at home when I grew older and by the time I finished school Turkish seemed like a foreign language to me even though I could feel the sound of it still resonating within myself. So I am endeavouring eagerly to improve my skills back to where I was years ago.

Anyway, lets get back to the Writing subject. I enjoy writing in English, it gives me freedom that the German language forbids me. I can feel in English. When I start writing I don’t tell myself: now you write in German, it just happens. When I go with the flow the words just start rushing and I don’t mind whether it’s German, English or something else. Sometimes I even write with everything mixed up, one word German one French and so on. I let it come to me instead of running after it. How I can work with it afterwards, that’s something I have to figure out when it’s time. One step at the time, that’s how I work.

Despite the ‘freedom’ as I called it there is something to my native language that I can’t deny. It is the way I can dive into it without struggling, it’s smoothness and grand spectrum of words, that allowes me to portray ever so precisely every little thing I encounter in life. There are things I have experienced, which I can only phrase in one kind, in one language, as I have made these experiences or encounters in life during a point where I have lived, where I was thinking in German. That does not mean I can’t express the same feelings in English as I do in German that just means things I have experienced and want to process within my writing will happen to be phrased in one language or another depending on which state of mind I was during this event. I do speak both languages, that doesn’t mean I write about the same things in either of it.

Hm, it feels like it’s getting complicated I hope you could follow my thoughts as I am struggling with it myself right now, sorry for that.

I appreciate every language, as it is a lovely thing, to be able to form and shift words into a delicate shawl that wraps itself around one as one discovers every fibre of it… Well so much for today!


Thank you for reading this. I’d love to know about your encounters with writing in different languages so tell me if you feel like it!


yours, Jasmin

What I’m reading lately…

This week’s reading wasn’t that much as I was fiddling around with so many things.
I received the fourth and last part of the watersong series by Amanda Hocking which I preordered at the book depository a little while ago (and found quite amusing) and I listened to the audio book of Jane eyre by Charlotte Brontë. Else I was mainly reading plenty of short stories over at wattpad a platform for free e-books which my sister recently discovered for us. I have to say, I’m smitten. It’s so cool to dig through all these layers of stories which are presented on this site and see what other people are working on. Go have a look, it’s all for free!


Yours, Jasmin

What I’m working on lately…

Writing is art, a craft I’m eager to commit to.

What I’m working on lately is hard to tell, I have been all over the place really. I try to focus on one project but all the other things keep popping up and I just can’t stop myself drifting away and ending up doing five things at the time.

Most importantly I think is my etsy shop where I am about to sell my German short stories that have been lingering in the back of my hard drive for a little too long. The new shop is a place to find handcrafted written love, you can get it ready for your e-reader and I’m planning on a printed form too as soon as there is an opportunity for it, means as soon as I get the chance to sit down print them out and craft little books myself because I think that’s a lovely thing to make, have, and give. The shop isn’t quite ready yet, not simply because I didn’t open it but because I have to admit, I don’t quite get the design of the page to fit my expectations. Fortunately I will get some amazing help from the lovely blogger at ifeelcrafty – who also happens to be my gorgeous crafty sister – to set up my shop and soon remodel my blog as well. So hopefully you will be able to read my old memorials by beginning of march, I will post about it as soon as the shop is launched!

Secondly there are my kindle e-books which I’m working on. There is the first collection of short stories – which I do like because I always feel a little nostalgic when I read them – that will be published by next week and there is one already out and ready to get but in order of my remodeling plans I might take it out of the shop for re-organizational reasons.

And then there is – besides my blogging, obviously – my new stuff. I have been working on a novel for the past year which I want to finish off during the upcoming year as well as several new short stories, all in English.

 Note: I will be posting about writing in different languages in next weeks ‘What I’m working on lately’ so feel free to return if you are interested in this, as it will show soon that I’m working in several languages in my writing

 My novel deserves a blog post on itself entirely, my short stories will be released in full length or cut, partly here and mostly in my shop and as e-books.

 Note: Please don’t get your hopes up too high, if I’m talking about finishing off my novel this year. It does imply getting it ready to publish, yet, there are so many reason why I possibly won’t do so. Firstly and equally the most important, is that I am too sensitive. I can’t bear to open up and share my love, my oh so precious story, with the harshness of the public so shortly after terminating it. I know it might sound silly to you but there is just so much more to it than ‘just publishing’. I also know I might sound ridiculous and over-doing this but hey this is my work, my words, my thoughts, and first and foremost my world, and I can choose how long I want to keep it a secret for.

I don’t plan on keeping it to myself for as long as possible though, so I may happen to publish it somewhat earlier than I am implying now. So stay tuned…

Anyway there is plenty coming up that deserves some attention and above all some great readers who are keen on discovering my world of writing with me!

More about my work next Wednesday, until then


Yours, Jasmin

What I’m reading lately..

Since I have been sick the last couple of days I have been reading a lot. I placed an order at the book depository shortly before I got the flu from my nephew so when I got my little package I was more than merry to have done so earlier… In my little box there was not only part two and three of the watersong series but also a lovely copy of nocturnes by John Connolly along with the gates from the same author. But as I said, I was sick for a little while. So even though I enjoyed this delivery, it wouldn’t last. During the time I spent in bed and on the couch in front of the lovely crackling of the fire in the stove, I also read the series of the infernal devices written by Cassandra Clare. Which I do love, although the writing isn’t the best, and the story gets a bit over the top with the crazy romance of one girl two guys. I do enjoy the plot and liked the mortal instruments so much that I couldn’t spare reading this prequel.
Now, I am left alone as my books supply here in the wild is emptied, and I am back to reading sense and sensibility even though I didn’t enjoy it the first time – I find it hard to read anything by Jane Austen – I found myself with this book in hands and most interesting is definitely the fact that I can’t put it down. As much as it bothers me that there is no plot to begin with, I still have this expectation of every book I touch that I can’t put it down unless I finished it and have proven it has no deeper content. So therefore I sit in my rocking chair, reading this book and yelling out or sighting over and over as it depresses me so much, without being able to just STOP and be at peace with it.

Does anyone share this sentiment over one author or another with me? I do know a lot of people struggle with Tolstoi’s war and peace but unlike Jane Austen I find books like Anna Karenina way easier to finish off..(the story didn’t really touch me though)
Although I have never even bothered to start with
war and peace in the first place.