What I’m reading lately…biodynamics

Lately I’m busy studying biodynamics as preparation for my apprenticeship starting this summer. There’s a lot to be found about current evolvement on organic growing especially in Eco-magazines like ‘schrot&korn’, ‘lebendigeerde’ or ‘star&furrow’ but also there are many books,more focused on general biodynamics than the magazines which mostly deal with problematics throughout this work. Some are founded on speeches by Rudolf Steiner others by practising farmers. The first part of my training will be soil science, therefore I am reading “principles of biodynamic spray and compost preparations” by Manfred Klett. The book concentrates not only on the practical aspect of how to do the preparations but also about agricultural consciousness and life forces and their effect on the land.
Manfred Klett is former director of the department of agriculture at the Goetheanum in Switzerland and has over twenty years experience of biodynamic agriculture.



What I’m reading lately…

My reading is utterly limited this week as I have not only been travelling from Germany over England to Ireland but also been learning for my driver’s license which I am hoping to master by April. So basically I was reading “learning how to drive” from front to back, back to front, up to down, and down to up.
All the luck of the Irish to me for my exam! And the travel post is coming Monday as what I’m seeing lately so happy St Patricks!
xo Jasmin


What I’m reading lately …

Paulo Coelho’s manuscrito encontrado em Accra seemed like just the right choice for this week’s reading. It speaks about how important it is to live in the moment and realise your dreams instead of waiting for the right time.

Exactly what I needed as I am trying to figure out this year’s travel plan for myself, weighting the necessity and importance of places and countries I want to see or revisit or discover for the first time.


I can’t wait for what’s to come this year! Travelling is so exciting. Few trips are already booked…
2014 you will be great!!!

xo, Jasmin

What I’m reading lately…all about the bees

It’s been a few times that I stumbled over anthroposophical literature regarding beekeeping and always found myself rather interested as it wasn’t only rules or instructions more than trying to find an understanding of the bees as a living organism. I have read a lot different lectures and clicked myself through the net but when I found “nine lectures on bees” by Rudolf Steiner online and for free available I jut had to share it. I have read it several times and enjoyed it completely.
As a beekeeper introduces the main aspects of how a bee hive works, Rudolf Steiner offers the reader a suggested understanding on why the hive works this way and how to encounter it as a living being. Through the cooperation of an well-established beekeeper and Rudolf Steiner himself there is an exact picture on the dynamics of the bees seen both through the eyes of an anthroposophist and a specialist.

There are a few different readings on bees and beekeeping available all free of charge and for everyone to get and understand on the link to be found above.

xo, Jasmin


What I’m reading lately…

This week’s reading wasn’t that much as I was fiddling around with so many things.
I received the fourth and last part of the watersong series by Amanda Hocking which I preordered at the book depository a little while ago (and found quite amusing) and I listened to the audio book of Jane eyre by Charlotte Brontë. Else I was mainly reading plenty of short stories over at wattpad a platform for free e-books which my sister recently discovered for us. I have to say, I’m smitten. It’s so cool to dig through all these layers of stories which are presented on this site and see what other people are working on. Go have a look, it’s all for free!


Yours, Jasmin

What I’m reading lately..

Since I have been sick the last couple of days I have been reading a lot. I placed an order at the book depository shortly before I got the flu from my nephew so when I got my little package I was more than merry to have done so earlier… In my little box there was not only part two and three of the watersong series but also a lovely copy of nocturnes by John Connolly along with the gates from the same author. But as I said, I was sick for a little while. So even though I enjoyed this delivery, it wouldn’t last. During the time I spent in bed and on the couch in front of the lovely crackling of the fire in the stove, I also read the series of the infernal devices written by Cassandra Clare. Which I do love, although the writing isn’t the best, and the story gets a bit over the top with the crazy romance of one girl two guys. I do enjoy the plot and liked the mortal instruments so much that I couldn’t spare reading this prequel.
Now, I am left alone as my books supply here in the wild is emptied, and I am back to reading sense and sensibility even though I didn’t enjoy it the first time – I find it hard to read anything by Jane Austen – I found myself with this book in hands and most interesting is definitely the fact that I can’t put it down. As much as it bothers me that there is no plot to begin with, I still have this expectation of every book I touch that I can’t put it down unless I finished it and have proven it has no deeper content. So therefore I sit in my rocking chair, reading this book and yelling out or sighting over and over as it depresses me so much, without being able to just STOP and be at peace with it.

Does anyone share this sentiment over one author or another with me? I do know a lot of people struggle with Tolstoi’s war and peace but unlike Jane Austen I find books like Anna Karenina way easier to finish off..(the story didn’t really touch me though)
Although I have never even bothered to start with
war and peace in the first place.